Flash Fiction: Bending Your Mind in 100 Words or Less

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Criminals from Another Dimension


Krodak Arak’Tareel Eesok wrapped his long gray-green fingers tightly around the control wheel of his inter-dimensional transport, the chromatic light of New York City blazing below him.  The crime he was committing was punishable by death, but that didn’t concern him.  Engaging the invisibility drive, he pushed forward on the controls and the craft dived into the city, zipping between skyscrapers and over unaware human heads, landing finally in front of an old white building that seemed sadly conquered by the towering city around it.  Krodak’s large ink black eyes glistened with excitement.  He loved the New York Public Library.



Beauty Kills


Audrey stood restlessly before a large painting covered ominously in a thick black shroud.   She had waited a long time and had traveled through the darkest, deepest levels of the dark market to secure this viewing.  This painting, in fact, wasn’t supposed to exist.  No one knew it’s title or author, or even the content of the masterpiece itself.  What was rumored, and known as fact by some, was that it’s beauty stopped the hearts of those that viewed it, killing them.  A shiver went up her spine as she resisted its temptation, striking a match and setting it ablaze.



A Handful of Seeds


The sun rose gently over the thriving field of crops, the vivid green leaves stretching and reaching hungrily for the first rays.  Farmer Bill Johnson sat peacefully on his front porch beside an old friend, both of them holding mugs of coffee and quietly admiring the colorful celestial performance unfolding before them.  This will be the last time I visit you, his friend said telepathically.  Bill looked sadly into his friend’s giant ink-black eyes, forcing tears from forming in his own.  “But… why?” he asked painfully.  The friend placed a bony pale-green hand on his shoulder, comforting him.  I have taught you everything you need to know, he said, dropping into Bill Johnson’s hand the strangest looking seeds he had ever seen… The future of this planet is now entirely in your hands.



The Dead Letter Office


Deep within the basement of the Federal building where lost mail goes to die, a tired Mr. Howard was heaving mounds of unopened letters into the angry flames of a roaring incinerator.   He hated his job and this melancholy place of cast-away words and he thought often of what his life would’ve been like had his book been accepted for publication all those years ago.  He sat down to take a break, watching the glow of the flames dance across the condemned mail, and picked up a random letter.  His heart stopped.  It was addressed to him… from his publisher.



A Youthful Odyssey



Jimmy paced nervously back and forth across his kitchen.  His parents would be home soon.  Below his feet, the floor rumbled and a hideous shriek rose from the floorboards, turning his blood cold and causing him to stumble backwards against the counter.  His hand fell shakily across the silverware drawer and he knew suddenly what had to be done.  He would be grounded for life soon if he didn’t take care of this.  In the basement, the Minotaur once again roared, furious at its captivity, as Jimmy slowly pulled out a quivering knife and turned to face the basement door.



David and Goliath Inc.


David Anderson was about to make an extremely large giant, incredibly angry.  His fingers flew across his keyboard, lines of endless code streaking across the screen, his heart pounding in his chest.  Here goes everything, he thought, taking a deep breath as the screen flashed and an angry message appeared: “YOU HAVE INITIATED MALEVOLENT ACTION AGAINST GOLIATH INDUTRIES INC. –  A WARRANT HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR YOUR ARREST.” David knew he only had about forty-five seconds before the mercenary drones arrived.  He only needed one.  He smiled and pressed enter.  The virus uploaded successfully, just as Goliath Inc. closed in.





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