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Under the deepest blue shades,
Of rarified sky,
Stand resolute, the Gods,
In whose shadows I was born.
“I come here to be closer to the sun”,
I think to myself,
As I breathe deeply the crisp, clean air,
Purified in the blanket of pines,
My gods wear as sacred robes.
I abrade myself from these deities,
Sensing in them their desire for me,
to be unchained from their embrace,
The nomadic wanderer they raised,
Set forth upon the world.
And always, the deep gravity,
From a soul of fire,
buried in their abiding rock,
Pulls me back to drink,
From the pure, steadfast streams,
That run weightless from their hands.
I close my eyes…
feeling the wind blow through my hair,
And from deep within I understand,
though born on silver streaked peaks,
These winds were ever destined,
To scatter across the earth.
And so I cannot deny,
My roads are enlightened,
Candle lit karmic pathways of truth,
Gifts from these towering Gods of mine,
That whisper through trees their assent,
As I extend one foot from the ledge,
And leave my gods on winds of fate,
To be scattered across the earth.

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