Moonbeam Eyes

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My water’s currents shift,

As you pull me with your gift,

Under moonlight eyes I drift

On an ocean, in the midst,


A sky so full of stars,

Reflected on my heart,

Lunar cycles start,

To pull my walls apart.


Entrenched inside your glow,

My best parts start to show,

Our orbits start to slow,

And unfold an astral rose.


So here we wait to bloom,

In the quiet of your room,

Your eyes a rippled flume,

You flow and I insume.


Your head against my chest,

We ascend beyond the rest,

As planets coalesce,

Our Universe expressed.


And in retrograde we slip,

My hand across your hip,

Dreams upon your lips,

Into celestial grip.


From the moon a rope hangs tied,

Begging me to climb,

Before the sun can rise,

Into your moonbeam eyes.



*First published in Scene and Heard Magazine

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